Inspector Network Monitoring Software

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Network Monitor Software

Inspector Network Monitoring Software
Visibility On-demand.

Inspector optimizes WAN, Internet and cloud service operations that impact your business. Most networks don't track these services in-detail despite the fact the answers to over 90% of IT issues can be found there. Inspector Software captures latent potential
from existing network management processes and technologies to improve the performance and security of LAN operations, WAN communications and cloud-based services.

Inspector software tracks and indexes end-to-end communication flows and structures the findings allowing you to measure and see its impact on any aspect of business operations.  Monitor authorized/unauthorized users, applications, files, content, WAN performance and cloud service response time, so you can efficiently meet business goals and service levels or troubleshoot any IT issue from from anywhere via a Web accessible browser.

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Common WAN/Internet/Cloud Blind-spots:
1. Technology: ill-performing or improperly configured networking technology steals performance and limits potential: firewalls, email systems, routers, filters, workstations and servers
Inspector analyzes actual traffic passing through devices to measure performance and verify effectiveness.
2. WAN: The WAN is a limited resource yet must support an entire organization's dynamic needs. Inspector tracks bandwidth utilization, round-trip Internet/Cloud response time and identifies which applications, users, content and time of day have the biggest impact. Great for monitoring office-to-office circuit performance. 

3. Connectivity: Network congestion, system and application issues hurt productivity. Inspector's end-to-end traffic record lets you identify connectivity issues at the source, destination or in-between.
4. People: Mistakes happen. Abuse is a mistake that keeps happening. Inspector uses multi-factor analysis to identify unwanted visitors, errors and abuse. Automated reports independently verify internal control function while documenting compliance efforts & violations.

5. Content: Electronic content is the lifeblood of business, yet most managers have no visibility into it. Inspector lets users' define what words, concepts or themes they'd like to monitor providing executives, IT or external auditors with a process to ensure confidential content is secure.

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